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Exhibition Room

Exhibition Room

Visual presentation of the thoughts and philosophy of Konosuke Matsushita

Exhibition Room

In the exhibition room, we present part of Konosuke Matsushita's philosophy from different angles. The information is provided in a realistic situation using graphic panels and video images to make it easier to understand.

Guide to each zone

*You can view 30-second clips of Japanese-language video films shown at the Museum.
 Film titles in English have subtitles.
(Video films shown in the A and F zones have voiceovers in English.)
*You can watch the full-length film at the Museum.
*The time taken to download and play these films will depend on your Internet line speed.
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  • A Personal History of Konosuke Matsushita
    How did Konosuke Matsushita think and act, and at what age?
    This zone exhibits the chronology of his life and his sayings.
    The Way Konosuke Matsushita
    His Life and Philosophy
    The Way Konosuke Matsushita His Life and Philosophy
    Windows Media / 7.6 MB
  • B Thoughts on Corporate Management and Businesspersons
    This zone describes and explains the management philosophy that Konosuke Matsushita has established, and the basics of management and business.
    Who Owns the Company?
    Who Owns the Company?
    Windows Media / 1.53 MB
  • C Requirements for Corporate Managers and Leaders/Ideas on Human Resource Development
    This zone describes Konosuke Matsushita’s thoughts on corporate managers and leaders, and suggestions for human resource development.
    A Leader's Responsibility
    A Leader's Responsibility
    Windows Media / 3.24 MB
  • D Ways of Living and Attitude/The Meaning of Work
    This zone introduces Konosuke Matsushita’s ideas for leading a better life, the correct vision of work, and how to engage in one’s work.
    Enthusiasm Is Crucial
    Enthusiasm Is Crucial
    Windows Media / 3.26 MB
  • E Passion for Politics -The Quest for an Everlastingly Prosperous Nation
    This zone exhibits Konosuke Matsushita’s contemplations of an ideal society and the suggestions he made.
    The Idea Behind the Foundation of
    the Matsushita Institute of Government
    and Management
    The Idea Behind the Foundation of the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management
    Windows Media / 3.23 MB
  • Shinshin-an, located near Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto, is the private house of Konosuke Matsushita, built in 1961 when he returned to his study of the PHP movement, after resigning as President and becoming Chairman.  Shinshin-an has a beautiful strolling garden with a water theme whose design makes it appear to stretch far into the Higashiyama Mountains. Konosuke Matsushita’s ideas and thoughts are woven into this garden.  You can feel the Matsushita philosophy in many places there.  At present, Shinshin-an is used as a private guesthouse for Panasonic Corporation under the name of Matsushita Shinshin-an.
    F Garden Theater: Essence of Matsushita Philosophy
    Experience Konosuke Matsushita’s views on the universe and humankind, and the liberated mind of Konosuke Matsushita in the ambience of a setting designed to emulate the garden of Shinshin-an, which he chose as his place of meditation.
    Acquiring an Untrapped Mind
    Acquiring an Untrapped Mind
    Windows Media / 3.32 MB