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Management Library

Collection of books and materials about management, the economy, and famous managers

The Management Library has a large collection of books and materials to contribute to today's business management.

1.Information on Konosuke Matsushita

His books, recorded speeches, articles in magazines, newspapers, and books, audio and video materials, photographs, etc.

2.Company histories

Corporate histories of major publicly listed companies, local companies, etc.

3.Information on worldwide leading business founders

Books written by leading business founders, recorded tapes of their speeches and lectures, biographies, etc.

4.Genealogical information of Japanese-style management

Books about Yukichi Fukuzawa, Baigan Ishida, Shosan Suzuki and other famous philosophers that have remarkably influenced merchandisers, business persons, and management executives. Family precepts of feudal warlords and merchant families, academic books and theses about Japanese-style management, etc.

5.Management and economy-related books

Books on economic and management theories written by Samuelson, Galbraith, Drucker, Smith, Keynes, etc. and other academic research papers, critical essays, and practical books, etc.

If you would like to have more information about Konosuke Matsushita, the history of Japanese management, or the business philosophies of the founders of current major companies, the Matsushita Memorial Library can meet your needs. The number of the people who repeatedly use the library is on the increase.

  • Management Library
  • Management Library
  • Management Library